MediTrackGPS® offers the Cheapest Prices in Australia on our range of award winning 3G Personal GPS Trackers

Telstra 3g network shutdown is fake news

The Telstra 3G network is used Australia wide and is the only frequency supported by many remote locations.

Many websites are claiming the 3G network could close down as soon as 2020.

This is a myth / fake news.

Telstra have no future plans of closing down the 3G network.

Our MediTrackGPS® Personal GPS Trackers and SOS Locators support the 3G network and operate on the 850/1900MHz frequency for Telstra / Aldisim and the 900/2100MHz frequency for Optus / Vodafone.

You can all rest assured that the 3G network will not be closing down anytime soon. 

How does MediTrackGPS work?

Two-way Voice Communication

Access to GPS Tracking App

PAYG 365 Day Credit Expiry


Two-way voice communication for up to 5 preset phone numbers activated by the SOS button

SOS alert sent by SMS followed by a call

SOS button activation in case of a emergency

Request map position or location address by sending a simple SMS command

Live GPS location positioning on google maps using the 3G network. 

$3 per month access to our MediTrackGPS web application online or via our app on smartphones

Over speed & movement alert 

Create geo fence for alerts when entering or leaving

Receive google map location link via SMS with a simple command

Set one authorised phone number for non emergency calls